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Would you like to learn about the procedure before, on the day, and after checkup?
Refer to the following procedures.

General precautions (including gastroscopy)

01 Preparation for checkup
  • Refrain from behaviors which may affect the result of checkup such as drinking, meat, oily food, and overwork since 2~3 days before checkup.
  • Have a light meal before 9 PM in the evening on the day before checkup. Do not eat anything other than small amount of water until midnight.
  • Fast after midnight including water, gum, cigarette and Eundan. (However, colyte and blood pressure medication can be consumed)
  • Fill out the questionnaire and agreement form before coming to the center.
  • In case of female examinees, it is best to receive checkup 5~7 days after the end of menstrual period.
  • Women in childbearing years must check for pregnancy by confirming their menstrual cycle (KOMEF is not responsible for any disadvantages resulting from pregnancy.)
  • Breast-feeding examinees cannot receive breast imaging, and breast-feeding is prohibited for 24 hours after conscious sedation endoscopy.
02 On the day of checkup
  • When taking antihypertensive drug, antiarrhythmic drug or anticonvulsant, take the medicine with a small sip of water at around 6 AM.
  • Patients who take diabetes medication are prohibited from taking insulin injection and diabetes medication in the morning of checkup day.
  • It is helpful to bring medication or prescription in use for examination.
  • Patients who receive conscious sedation endoscopy are strictly prohibited from driving on the day. Please use public transportations.
  • Checkup fee is paid during registration prior to checkup. (Payment can be done in cash or credit card)
03 Others
  • Do not visit the center with children and animals.
  • The center is closed on Sundays and legal holidays.
  • Do not possess valuables when visiting the center.
  • Appointment should be made at least 10 days in advance. Change in appointment can significantly delay the checkup date.
  • As we are operating an appointment system to offer optimal environment for checkup to all customers, please make sure to visit the center at the appointed time.

Precautions for colonoscopy

- It is extremely important to empty the bowels for accurate colonoscopy, and patients are required to thoroughly follow the instructions provided. Since medication provided after checkup causes diarrhea, please take the medication after returning home.
- Since medication provided after checkup causes diarrhea, please take the medication after returning home.

01 7 days before checkup

As there is risk of bleeding during biopsy or polypectomy, patients who take anticoagulants (Aspirin (including Aspirin for children), Astrix, warfarin (coumarin), ticlopidine, clopidogrel, dipyridamole, etc.) must consult with the doctor who prescribed the medicine to stop the medication for about a week before checkup in order to receive polypectomy. Please make sure to contact us in advance. Patients who take blood pressure medication must check whether Aspirin is included in their medication.

02 3 days before checkup

Do not consume fruits with seeds (strawberry, watermelon, oriental melon, kiwi, grapes, etc.), sea algae (seaweeds, sea mustard, kelp, etc.), mixed grains (brown rice, black rice, black bean, sesame, etc.), tough food with large amount of fiber (herbs, roots, meats, etc.) and oral iron supplements. Items above remain in the bowel to cause difficulty of checkup.

03 Day before checkup

Make sure to take 8 bags of colon medicine. Checkup can be stopped in the middle or tissues many not be examined properly unless all 8 bags are taken. Please read the guideline for checkup medication for details.

04 Day of checkup
  • Patients with diabetes receiving drug treatment or insulin injection should consult the attending physician to make the decision since fasting can result in hypoglycemia.
  • Patients who take blood pressure medicine must consume minimal amount of water on the day of checkup.
  • Female examinees cannot receive checkup when they are pregnant, possibly pregnant or in menstrual period.
  • Female examinees must remove manicures and lipsticks on the day of checkup. (They need to be observed during conscious sedation endoscopy.)
  • Do not wear jewelries (necklace, ring, earrings, watch, etc.). They have concerns for electric shock and burn during polypectomy of colon.
05 After checkup
  • Eat soft rice porridge and refrain from drinking and smoking.
  • Refrain from excessive exercise, overeating, overdrinking and long flights for about 7 days.