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The general medical examination system of KOMEF is scientific.

Various independent information systems such as PM, PA (appointment management, registration of examinees, receipt management, payment of medical expenses),
OCS (prescriptions of doctors and delivery of prescriptions), IMS (insurance claim, preliminary screening, EDI), Druginfo (linkage of drug information and drug
administration guide for each product and body type), PACS (Work-list interface, viewer interface), TLIA (automated system for clinical pathology), examination
operation system (Arumnuri), CTI (call center), and CRM (follow-up management) have been integrated into a single system to greatly reduce time required for
examination and treatment. The examination results and breakdown of prescriptions are saved and stored on computers for easy search and access during treatment.
This medical information system improves quality of medical service.
IMIS of KOMEF automatically saves all examination data such as vision, hearing, electrocardiogram and hardening of arteries on computers without using paper charts,
removing errors from manual data input.

It is an examination progress management system that created a tag containing questionnaire, locker key and examination file according to receipt and examination
in connection with RFID (radio frequency identification)* and IMIS. This scientific system provides a monitor showing patients waiting in each room, guide monitor
that shows the sequence of examinations to be followed, remaining items of examination displayed through PDA with kiosk and flow manager, number of patients
in each examination room, and verification on details of examination.

* RFID : A wireless device attached with an antenna that stores product information in an ultra-small chip and transmits data