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Specialized services of KOMEF offer hope in your life.

01 Smart examination system

One Key Solution (RFID) was implemented to create a single tag containing questionnaire, locker key and examination file according to receipt, locker and examination. The system can monitor examination status and waiting status of recipients, and it is efficiently operated by analyzing the progress of examinations.

02 Examination with high-tech medical equipment

We use precise medical equipment such as body cancer PET-CT, latest high resolution MRI, ABVS (Automated Breast Volume Scanner) 3D, low-dose 128-channel CT, high resolution PHILIPS IU22, SIEMENS 200 ultrasound, and high resolution HDTV for endoscopy and colonoscopy.

03 Integrated medical information system

We conduct examinations without using paper charts, which can shorten waiting time and prevent errors by automatically saving examination data on computers.

04 Reduction of medical radiation and infection control

We use bismuth to protect eyes and thyroid gland of customers from radiation during medical imaging. We have innovatively reduced the amount of radiation generated by existing special medical equipment. We use forceps as disposable tools to remove tissues during endoscopy, maintaining strict infection control.

05 Professional medical staffs with broad clinical experience

We have medical specialists with rich experiences in general hospitals such as gastrointestinal internal medicine, circulatory internal medicine, internal secretion, internal medicine, family medicine, occupational and environmental medicine, radiology, surgery, and dentistry.

06 Appointment system for convenience of customers

Well-organized appointment system that manages the number of appointed patients allows for quick and comfortable examinations.

07 Prompt notification of examination results

Patients can quickly receive examination results on the day of examination. We send the results through e-mail, and this can be seen at any place and time.

08 General examination center for eco healing

We have a trail on which patients can walk while receiving examinations, as if they are walking in nature with comfort of mind and body. Environment-friendly materials help improve nature healing.

09 HeSeL (personalized medical information on mobile devices)

Patients can download HeSeL app on their smart phone to manage their medical image files.

10 Professional follow-up management service

We conduct perfect follow-up management for prescription and treatment of patients with diseases, service to link patients with medical opinions to a third party medical institution, and stepwise tracking management on patients with medical opinions.

11 Safety system for conscious sedation endoscope

We have implemented a central oxygen supply system that quickly supplies oxygen in case of emergency during examinations, offering safety for endoscopy. Also, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, body temperature and oxygen saturation (SpO²) are measured during conscious sedation to automatically create an alarm when there is a problem in these measurements. The system thoroughly manages patients with apnea.

12 Cafeteria

slow food porridge: For patients who visit the center after fasting for a day before medical examination, we provide porridge as slow food at the cafeteria of our center after examinations.