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Medical Team

Clinical experience and qualified professionals are responsible for your health.

Hospital director / Gastroenterology

Dr. Kim Hyo Sang


Dr. Yu Tae Kyung

Gastroenterology Center

Dr. Kim Myung Jin Dr. Park Hee Kyung Dr. Kang In sun Dr. Im Soo Chan Dr. Lee Jeong Jin Dr. Shim Yun Hye Dr. Kim Hee Jung Dr. Lee Yeong Ju


Dr. Shin Mal Yi Dr. Kim Ui Nyeong Dr. Yeom Yu Kyeong Dr. Ko Su jin

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Dr. Chang Im Won Dr. Hong Su Jin

Diagnostic Pathology

Dr. koo Hyeon Jung

Family Medicine

Dr. Shim Ji Hyeon Dr. kim Hyeon Ju

Outpatient Medical Center

Dr. Pee Myeong Seon