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We provide all examination results and images on smart phones of our customers.

HeSeL (personalized medical information on mobile devices) is the nation’s first smart phone app developed by KOMEF.
This app can be downloaded on smart phones to check your examination results at any place and time.
KOMEF is opening up the era of ubiquitous human life.

Effects of HeSeL (personalized medical information on mobile devices)

  • 01

    Simple check-up on medical information through smart phone app

  • 02

    Personal medical information can be checked at any place and time

  • 03

    Examination results are quickly provided in case of emergency accidents

  • 04

    Imaging information trusted by general hospitals

  • 05

    Environment-friendly method that replaces papers and CDs

  • 06

    Permanent storage without damaging

  • 07

    Reduced risk for exposure of personal information as access is only permitted to the patient

* Pursuant to the Persona Information Act, the app can only be installed by individual applicants.