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"We aspire to be a medical institution

of advanced treatment in practice of love.”

our medical foundation will do our best in creating a happy world by careful watch on public health, and becoming the best medical institution loved by people through our advanced treatment in practice of love in pursuit of a healthy life for mankind.

    Convenient Reservation system for customers

  • Prompt and convenient examination by a thorough reservation with proper number of subjects
  • Diagnosis by advanced equipments

  • Operation of 2012 MRI, CT(128 channel), Operation of advanced medical equipments such as ABVS, general ultrasound
  • Prompt notification of the result

  • Personal exam: consultation of the result on the same day
    Corporate exam: consultation of the result within 5 days
  • Medical staff with plenty of clinical experiences

  • Consisted of eperienced specialists from each department of gastroenterology, circulatory system, family health, and radiology etc.
  • Professional follow-up management system

  • Prompt mesaures not only for prescription and treatment for subjects with symptoms, follow-up management of subjects with symptoms by stage, but also for proper treatment by the best medical staff in Korea when in need of profesional treatment
  • Visiting physician services

  • Consultation of the result on the on-site visit by specialist and consultant
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Tel:82-2-1544-2992 fax:82-2-6906-2398